CHANDO Glittering at CBE, The Trendsetter of Fragrance Ambience

CHANDO  Glittering at CBE, The Trendsetter of  Fragrance  Ambience

From 22nd to 24th of May, the 23rd anniversary of China Beauty Expo 2018 was successfully held in Expo Center, Shanghai. 

We had a grand gathering of beauty products, hosting the buyers from around the globe. 

Once again, we delivered CHANDO ambience to the world right in our hometown, Shanghai. 

As one of the most famous beauty exhibitions, China Beauty Expo 2018 is 260000 square meters of floor space,

 gathering more than 30 enterprises from across the world,

 giving a great opportunity to exchange both internal and external information to discover

 the new potential development of the future within beauty industry. 

The culture of fragrance has begun since long ago, and more people start to realize 

the importance of how the scent influences the decoration of the living space,

 which led to home fragrance becoming very popular now in China. 

CHANDO is a home fragrance brand, founded in 1977, Vicki Chen family began the cause of porcelain art, 

and constantly studied the process of innovation,

looking for the best skill in the field of ceramics in fragrance diffusion and obtain the opportunity for innovation,

 creating 42 procedures to fulfill the marriage between fragrance and beauty,

 the birth of Aroma Porcelain allows fragrance and porcelain to combine perfectly. 


Using a special formula, our patented Aroma Porcelain boasts skin-like characteristics, 

respiring the fragrance oil via its porous micro structure yet retaining the smooth texture,

 a unique porcelain technology. The scent is diffused evenly, creating lasting freshness in your living space. 

This lasting fragrance, combined with exquisite designs, create the ultimate scent and visual enjoyment.

Apart from presenting our ten classic collections, we also brought our brand new collection - Hello Kitty, 

which was collaborating with IP artist Liou San.

 The new collection looks extremely adorable, and attracted millions of visitors at the exhibition.


Together with CHANDO, we also presented our sub-brand, 1977. If you consider Aroma Porcelain is CHANDO’s most famous product, 

then Reed Diffuser would be the new iconic product of 1977. It’s been chosen by our serene market research, laying a solid foundation, 

and the time will come for you to shine, Reed Diffuser. With our acknowledged experience and serene attitude, we attracted lots of new consumers within this year.

 Customer Experience 1977

C.E.O of CHANDO, the company’s founder Vicki Chen attended the Meiyi Awards on the night of the exhibition. Meiyi Award was presented by China Beauty Expo 2018,

 C2CC and together, to recognize the contribution of Chinese cosmetic industry, it’s also one of the most recognized award for Chinese cosmetic products.

 CHANDO won the award for the best fragrance in beauty category on the night.  

Since CHANDO was born in 2009, we’ve been invited to participate with variety of internal exhibitions where located in Paris, New York, Berlin etc, 

and awarded by many different well know organizations. We had consignment with Van Gogh Museum in 2015,

 and were chosen to be the distinct urban living brand of 2018 by Travel Zoo, 

an internationally renowned media. CHANDO was also nominated to be the best new inventory of 2018 NY NOW. 

 CHANDO in the world


From exploring the relationship between artistry of space and fragrance, to combine the olfactory and visual sensations together, 

the dual artistry of sight and smell will influence more and more people in future.